Learning Technique Experience


How successful were you at implementing the strategy or technique? What helped or impeded your success?

I was relatively successful at implementing the Pomodoro technique to my daily homework routine. The first couple days were difficult to work my schedule around having short intervals of work with even shorter intervals of breaks in between. Eventually, I got used to the Pomodoro technique and adapted to use my phone only during my break sessions.

Some things that helped me while attempting my technique was putting my cellular device on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, and putting my laptop away when not needed for work/studying.

Factors that impeded my success while using the Pomodoro technique was that sometimes 1 Pomodoro (25 minutes) was not long enough to complete one homework task, and when I had my 3-5 minute break in between I would sometimes either lose my thought process, or end up going over the 25 minute mark to finish the last bit of the task in order to move on. Another difficulty that I experienced with the Pomodoro technique was that my family’s meal time was rarely synced up with my Pomodoro checkmarks and breaks. For example, I would be in the middle of one Pomodoro, and my mother would call me down for dinner, in which case i would be forced to pause my timer, eat dinner, then once finished, resume my timer and my work. This led to problems with my workflow and train of thought.

Did the strategy improve your learning or reduce your procrastination? What evidence do you have to support this claim?

The Pomodoro technique did assist me in finishing most of my assigned work effectively, with a substantial decrease in loss of time. Normally, without using any strategies or techniques, I would procrastinate by exploring the internet and media, and get to my homework much later than preferred. By implementing the Pomodoro technique, I noticed myself looking away from distractions and putting in more effort to accomplish my tasks within 1-2 Pomodoros or checkmarks.

Will you continue with the strategy? Why or why not?

I will plan to continue to use the Pomodoro technique, at least for the rest of the semester. I believe that over time I will become more adapted to using the Pomodoro technique more effectively without encountering as many obstacles as first experienced. The main reason why I encountered the difficulties in my first experience was because I had less than a month to implement the technique in my daily routine, and studies suggest that it takes approximately 30 days, or a month, of performing a task daily for it to become second-nature, or a habit.


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