Blogpost #6 Option 2

April 15th, 2041,

Today is my 41st birthday, however I woke up a 20 year old in a completely different world. Last I recall, I had been in the year 2020 and from what felt like a short nap in my incubation chamber turned out to be just over 2 decades.

My eyes still fuzzy with visual distortion, my brother calls my name, “Koral,” his voice sounded as if he were talking through a thick wall attempting to communicate with me. His capsule had opened  56 seconds before mine, as he entered deep sleep in his capsule 56 seconds before I had.

Medic bots were ready on stand by to tend to us and asses us.  Once we were rehabilitated we were introduced into a room with a glass pane. Within a few seconds the pane lit up with colours and in the blink of an eye, the pane became opaque with some images showing on the ‘screen’ the images then began to literally pop out of the screen and turned into a child sized hologram made of the shapes.

“Hello, KANCA, Koral. Hello, KANCA, Leon.  It is is April 15, 2041, 6:28 a.m. Earth-time. My name is AI-Utto, but you can call me Utto for short.  I hope your rehabilitation from deep sleep went smoothly,”

I replied to the oddly-shaped hologram that everything had went to plan that that my brother and I were excited to explore the new world, after all we had been in a deep-sleep incubation chamber for 21 years.

Utto directed us to our quarters and to clean up as well as change into new clothing. right when we got to the change rooms i noticed a very different evident feature in the clothing; it was silky smooth, and had a tag inside that read, TEMP. CONTROL. The specialized suit had a temperature adjusting element embedded in the strands that created the perfect temperature for outside environments ranging from -10 to 25 degrees Celsius. This was absolutely amazing to me, back in 2020 the clothes meant to keep people warm consisted of extremely thick and layered jackets that were not only bulky but bad for the ecosystem as they required down feathers to keep people warm.

After changing, Utto directed us to a desk that contained 3 devices that I have never seen before, but could guess what they were by the basic shape; a watch, a smartphone, and these very small contact lenses.

The phone was by no means just a mere ‘smart’ phone. It was a Genius phone. Most of the features from a 2020-year smartphone and this phone were similar, except for one: it featured a form of AI that sounded familiarly similar to Siri from Apple, but apart from that there was nothing in common with its primitive predecessor.

The new AI was named Alix. Alix was the greatest creation in computing, and arguably the human race’s greatest creation ever. Alix was a singular cloud-based AI that functioned simultaneously with each individual human interacting with it, an astounding 10,000,000,000 calculations per second (according to Alix). Alix was programmed, but some argued that the human race had created the human conscious at a grande level. Alix was capable of answering any question that was thrown at him, answering them with such ease and fidelity. I was truly amazed that AI of this form was possible. Back in 2020, this was merely an idea, a theory that seemed so far away out of our grasp that it seemed for the longest time to be a dream that would never be turned to reality. Alix was able to speed up the process of evolution 10-fold.

The watch was a futuristic version of an apple watch but it had one feature that I would never have guessed. It included a hologram projector to view and interact with  3-D images from the screen. It was amazing that I could manipulate the hologram, I could take a 3D photo with the phone and then instantly view it in 3 dimensions from my watch and enlarge it, and edit it in real time!

Finally, the contact lenses were bionic contacts that made my vision a perfect 20/20 as well as fixed my red colour blindness! I had no idea as to how all of this was achievable through such a tiny piece of hardware! I later found out that it was none other than Alix’s genius AI engineering that designed the model and technology for this to be possible.

My first day as a biological 20 year old, but a societal 42 year old was overwhelmingly amazing. All of these technological advances had all been achieved through the wonder of sophisticated AI. I could not wait to go out and explore what else this brave new world had to offer.



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