About Me

My name is Koral Kanca, I am a grade 12 students at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute. I enjoy doing activities such as running, swimming, rock climbing, and tennis. I am interested in photography, videography, and music!



Sites used for school:

Sites used for personal use:

Sites related to technology in education:

  • Khan Academy
    • Educational site that provides videos and exercises for a wide variety of subjects that are taught in school, mainly mathematics and sciences.
  • My Blueprint
    • Education planner for organizing courses, and researching career pathways, and which courses to take in University to get there.
  • William Lyon Mackenzie School Website
    • School website that provides information such as a calendar with events, teacher emails, teacher websites, etc.
  • Mr. Tebbutt’s Website
    • Website for ENG4U3. Includes assignments, due dates, etc.
  • Ms. Cuttle’s Website
    • Website for IDCICT. Includes assignments, due dates, etc.





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